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In June 2014, Calvin at the age of 32 was travelling home after attending to an early morning vehicle breakdown. On his way through Boksburg town an unidentifiable driver pulled out in front of him and forced him to swerve causing him to hit a lamp post head on. He suffered major injuries to his chest and suffered serious neuro injuries. Calvin spent the next several months between ICU and step-down facilities in and out of an induced coma trying to recover.

His mother, shocked after the incident had to take Calvin at age 32 back to her home and learn to look after a brain damaged quadriplegic whilst still trying to assist his Fiancé and daughter Taylor to come to terms with what had happened. She learnt that moving him around was a major challenge in his state and constantly having to rely on ambulances to transfer him from home to various rehabilitation facilities.

Calvin’s Mom purchased a Toyota quantum in 2015 and had it fitted with the state of the art Hydraulic lift to cater for his patients needs and to transport him on a regular basis which made her life and our families easier trying to cope and deal with their new-found responsibility.


In 2017, Carel met Grant on an UBER trip by chance and from there started getting to know one another, sharing stories and business ideas on a regular basis led them to realise that there was a real need for transfers for the disabled and that fellow assist companies could not cater for certain people without having to lift them or assist them by physically handling them.

With a vision on hand and Calvin’s vehicle, Charly’s care was launched to not only support Calvin on a daily and monthly basis but also assist future people’s needs in similar situations.

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