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Carel’s Background and credentials

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I started out in the sales industry where I did door to door sales for about 30 months after finishing my school career. I then decided to leave South Africa in 2006 and went to the UK. After working in the UK for 20 months and travelling extensively within the UK I decided to return back to South Africa and made a choice to do my cabin crew license to which I joined Qatar airways shortly after returning from the UK in November 2007. Travelled the world extensively for three years and came back to South Africa end of 2010. After I came back to South Africa I decided to further my studies as a commercial diver. I obtained my class 4 & 3 commercial diving license and then got stuck due to cash flow and could not complete the rest of the courses. After that I became a qualified financial adviser for Liberty and did that for three years. It was then in 2015 that I realised that I have a passion for people and I would like to make a difference in people’s lives. I decided to become an entrepreneur and work for myself and that was when I became an Uber driver and completed 3000 trips within 18 months. I am currently a professional network marketer with the # 1 travel/lifestyle company in the world and I change people’s lives for a living whilst pursuing my dreams and goals. After meeting Grant when I was an uber driver myself and Grant became good friends and in 2018 at the age of 33 decided to go on a business venture together and create a startup that will make a difference and impact in people’s lives that struggle with mobility, agility impairments and limitations.  We will cater for any and all transportation needs whilst providing the client with a first class service which will offer them independence, peace of mind, safety and comfortability!


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